Benefits and Challenges of Transboundary-Water Cooperation for Tanzania-

2008/2009 – 2018/2019

Taarifa ya Kidakio cha Mto Themi

Water Sector Status Report 2015 - 2020

Hydrological Year Book: 2010-2019

Water Resources Fact Sheet: Tanzania Mainland

Water Resources Fact Sheet: Wami - Ruvu Basin

Water Resources Fact Sheet: The Internal Drainage Basin

Water Resources Fact Sheet: Ruvuma and Southern Coast Basin

Water Resources Fact Sheet: Pangani Basin

Water Resources Fact Sheet: Lake Victoria Basin

Water Resources Fact Sheet: Lake Tanganyika Basin

Water Resources Fact Sheet: Lake Rukwa Basin

Water Resources Fact Sheet: Lake Nyasa Basin

Jarida Tando. |Maji Tanzania Toleo Na. 12 Online Magazine:Maji Tanzania Issue No. 12

The Fate of Water Quality Sector in Developing Countries

Public Water Supply and Sanitation Authorities for Strategic Sustainable Domestic Water Management. A Case of Iringa Region in Tanzania

Lake Victoria Basin Water Board: Communication Strategy 2017 - 2021

Victoria Basin Water Board: Strategic Plan 2019 - 2024

Assessment of Impacts of Climate change on Surface Water Availability using coupled SWAT and WEAP models: case of upper Pangani River Basin, Tanzania.

Status Report on the Implementation of Integrated Water Resources Management in Africa

Jarida Tando Na. 10: Maji Tanzania

Benefits & Challenges of Transboundary Water Cooperation for Tanzania (2008/2009 - 2018/2019)

Sector Ministers' Meeting 2019: The Tanzania Country Brief

Water, Development and the Future of Water Engineering in Tanzania

Lwiche Catchment News

Water Safety Planning: A roadmap to supporting resources

Existing Tools, Practices and Guidelines to Foster Governance in the Water Sector

Water Supply and Sanitation Programmes: Shinyanga Region 1990 - 2006

Water Sector Development Programme 2007-2014: Evaluation of Phase I

Water Sector Status Report 2009

Water Sector Status Report 2013