National Projects

Chalinze Water Project

Implementation of Chalinze Water Supply Project started in the year 2001 with a target of supplying water to 105,000 population by the year 2015. The construction of the project was completed in the year 2003 whereby the scheme was commissioned to provide service to the community of 20 villages. Chalinze water supply was financed by the Government of the Peoples Republic of China in collaboration with the Government of Tanzania. The implementation was planned in two phases. The first phase of the project was design to cover 18 villages after its construction. The villages covered in phase I are : Chalinze , Pingo, Msoga, Mboga, Lugoba, Saleni, Mazizi, Msata and Kihangaiko in the south direction. In the north direction the following villages were covered: Mandera, Hondogo, Kilemela, Miono, Kikaro, Rupungwi, Kimange and Mbwewe.The second phase is on process.

Handeni Trunk Main (H.T.M.) Project

Handeni Truck Main Project (HTM) is allocated in Korogwe and Handeni District in Tanga region covering an area of 5,000-squire km with 316km of truck mains, 100km branch mains, 6 pumping stations, 56 water reservoirs, 163 DPÔÇÖs and 703 private connections. The project serves 79 villages including Handeni town covering a total population of 180,000 people. The system comprising of gravity and pumping components has two intakes both drawing water from river Pangani.

Mandera (Tabora) intake supplying water through a conventional treatment plant (with a Slow sand filter), which draw about 230m3/hr (5,520m3/day) while Mkumburu (Segera) intake draws about 170m3/hr. (4,080m3/day).

Kahama Shinyanga Project

The Government of the United Republic of Tanzania through the Ministry of Water using its own internal funds to implement the water supply project that will draw from Lake Victoria at the Smith Sound bay for various end users in Kahama and Shinyanga Towns, the Mining Industry in the area and 54 villages along the main pipeline. On completion, the project is going to cost over Tshs. 200 billion.
The project is aiming at supplying adequate, reliable, clean and safe water for over 450,000 people on completion, by supplying 80,000m3/day. It is also expected to increase the water supply up to about 120,000m3/day for 1,000,000 people by the year 2025.

Maswa Water Project

Maswa water supply system is serving Maswa township and Villagers of Zanzui, Malita, Buyubi, Dodoma, Hinduki, Mwadila, Mwabayanda and Mwasita . The water system has a conventional sand filter where only chlorination and filtration is done. There is a clear water tank with capacity of holding 8600 m/day Total length of pipe line is 78 Km with 68Km of main line of size ranging from 100 mm diameter to 400 diameter . Pipe of main line are mainly steel pipes. Distribution lines are 10Km made up steel pipes, PVC and poly pipe of diameters inch 3 to inch 1 diameter

Makonde Water Supply Project

The project area is in Newala, Tandahimba and 14 villages in Nanyamba division of Mtwara Rural District in Mtwara Region. The project area is surrounded by Mtwara district in the East, Lindi District in the North, Masasi District in the West and in the South of Ruvuma river boundary with Mozambique.
The Project area has an area of more than 4020 Km2 with an estimated population of 408,578 people 2002 (census).The designed capacity of the project is 23,840m3/day, while the designed population is 347,140 people.

Mgango/Kiabakari Water Supply Project

The Mugango/Kiabakari/Butiama Water Authority was established on 30th January 2004 and the Board members were appointed by the Minister for Water on 15th May 2004, which has the responsibility to run the Mugango/Kiabakari/Butiama Water Authority. The Authority took over to run the project from the regional Water Engineer on 1st September 2004.The project is intended to serve the Population of 64,255 people in 13 villages but only 38,553 people are getting water within a distance of 400m that equals 60% of the total population to be served. The water produced is 4152m3 /day while the demand is 5576m3 /day.

Wangingombe Water Supply Project

Wanging’ombe Water Supply Project is the biggest gravity water Supply Project in Tanzania.The project was constructed early 1980s funded by UNICEF which contributed 5,486,000 US dollars and 15 million Tanzanian shillings. The project is in Njombe district in Iringa region covering an area of 1000 km2 having two intakes Mbukwa and Mtitafu with capacities of 6.70 and 6.0 million liters per day respectively. It also have various pipe diameter varying between 20mm to 5000mm having a total length of 350km. Currently the project covers about 60 villages with 574 number of public domestic water points and 568 private domestic water points. There 54 water storage tanks with varying capacities between 50m3 and 150m3.