Eng. Anthony Sanga

Permanent Secretary

Eng. Nadhifa Kemikimba

Deputy Permanent Secretary

Barnabas Ndunguru

Director of Administration & Human Resources Management

Dkt. George Lugomela

Director of Water Resources Division

Eng. Ritha Kilua

Asst. Director WQSD Technical Support Section, Operations and Development

Eng. Dorisia Mulashani

Director of Project Preparation Coordination and Delivery Unit

Ahadi Msangi

Chief Accountant

Philipo Chandy

Ag. Director Water Quality

Florence Lawrence

Head of Government Communication Unit

Simon Nkanyemka

Director Legal Services Unit

Eng. Christian William

Assistant Director for Design and Construction Management

Eng. Lydia Joseph

Asst. Director Service Delivery and Management Support

Ingrid Sanda

Asst. Director Human Resource

Prosper Buchafwe

Ag. Director Policy and Planning

Rosemary Rwebugisa

Ag. Asst. Director Conservation and Protection

Eng. Charles Mafie

Ag. Director Water Supply and Sanitation

Joash Nyitambe

Head of Information Communication Unit

Alex Tarimo

Assistant Director Monitoring and Evaluation

Paul Temba

Chief Internal Auditor

Eng. Abbas Pyrali

Asst. Director Sanitation and Hygiene

Dkt. Christopher Nditi

Director of Procurement Management Unit

Teddy Mwaijumba

Ag. Asst. Director Policy and Planning

Pamella Temu

Assistant Director of Planning, Monitoring and Assessment