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Government to curb water crisis in Dar Es Salaam

The President of the United Republic of Tanzania Honorable Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete echoed government drive to curb water shortage in Dar es salaam region.

Kikwete made this, during his one day visit to Mburahati kwa Mroso, Kimara Mavurunza and Keko on Monday 24th May 2010.

“Water shortage is high in Dar es salaam currently the demand is 450 million liters per day there is a shortage of 150 million liters” said President Kikwete.

He associated the shortage of water with high population growth rate which is 8% annually unlike in other regions where it increases by 4%. Kikwete added that a large amount of water is lost through leakage caused by dilapidated pipes in the main water supply line which are in place since 1976.

He pointed out that the amount of water produced in the current main surface water sources: Upper and Lower Ruvu Treatment Plants, and Mtoni saves only about 50% of the Dar es salaam residents.

Consequently, about 30% depend on boreholes while 20% face acute water rationing. Kikwete urged the residents of Mburahati kwa Mroso, Kimara Mavurunza and Keko to jointly work with Local Governments Authorities, Districts and Municipal councils to increase the number of bore holes in their areas.

He made it clear that the government runs a project which will increase the production capacity of Upper Ruvu Treatment Plant from 90 to 180 and Lower Ruvu Treatment Plant from 190 to 250 miliion liters per day.

Kikewte went on to say that the government is developing new water sources like Kimbiji aquifer at Kisarawe and Mpera in Mkuranga.

During the visit president Kikwete ordered the responsible authorities to devise vibrant mechanisms for cleanliness in Dar es salaam, drilling more bore wells and maintaining open spaces which saves children’s main play grounds.

He also, revealed that the government will soon develop feeder roads from Morogoro road via Mburahati to Mwalimu Nyerere International Air port and from Morogoro road via Kimara through Segerea to Ukonga which hopefully will reduce traffic congestion.

Meanwhile,the Minister of Water and Irrigation Prof. Mark J. Mwandosya said it is estimated that the stock of water at Kimbiji aquifer is as big as a half the amount of Lake Victoria water body.

He further stated that his Ministry already set aside Tsh 500 million for compensating the residents who ought to evacuate Kimbiji area for water project development. Mwandosya added that Tsh 5.5 billion is needed for completion of the compensation exercise.
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Posted: 4th Jun 10
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